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Each of the Big Four auditors are making announcements about Blockchain these days. Are there ways in which each of their approaches differ?

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Linda Goetze
Linda Goetze  replied:

Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and Pricewaterhouse Coopers are ALL heavily invested in the integration of blockchain into enterprise level organizations.  Regulatory uncertainty has been an issue for them all and most of their focus has been on POC's and not large scale implementations. 

However, Deloitte's recent global blockchain survey highlighted "Blockchain Gets Down to Business"!  The hope here is that their POC's will start to convert into widespread implementation of blockchain solutions that can show ROI.

EY has boldly stated that "Blockchain will do for networks of enterprises and business ecosystems what enterprise resource planning (ERP) did for the single company." (I did get a chuckle that ey.com also opined, "blockchain will.... increase protection against cybersecurity.") EY seems to be angling toward serving connective blockchain networks..

KPMG is leaning heavily on its relationship with Microsoft and focusing on blockchain services on the cloud.  It proves out that this is a fast-paced time even for multi billion dollar companies when they can't finish their sentences correctly...“Additionally, KPMG member firms offer collaborative services with Microsoft, combining Microsoft's blockchain and cloud technologies with our extensive offerings and expertise, know much.“  https://home.kpmg/xx/en/home/insights/2017/02/digital-ledger-services-at-kpmg-fs.html 

PWC is still focused on whether blockchains are trustworthy and the reality that most executives are still struggling to understand implementation and justify cost... 

ALL 4 seem to still be in education and executive hand-holding mode and are really starting to highlight the power of network effect. 

Whose network will dominate globally?  That remains to be seen...

This is just a super rudimentary analysis and would benefit from multiple perspectives and reviews....

Looking forward to others adding to this and to the organizations mentioned fixing their websites.. ;)  It doesn't matter if you are an enterprise organization, one of the big four, the Fortune 500 or a bootstrapping startup, WE ARE ALL A WORK IN PROGRESS. ;) 

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