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Government project available for bid... Anyone you know who is interested in a blockchain/cryptocurrency tracing project with the US government? Due date: July 14th. If you need help getting registered to be a vendor to the US government let me know. https://beta.sam.gov/opp/6c8e3cfe6059462c8cdd82cea4252966/view?keywords=%22Pilot%20IRS%20Cryptocurrency%20Tracing%22&sort=-relevance&index=&is_active=true&page=1

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Abraham Xiong
Abraham Xiong  replied:

Seeing more blockchain projects from the government market. I will share them to the BCEcosystem when I see them.

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Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett  replied:

I would love to learn more about this as there is a system q small team and i work on called qdna which would allow foe unlying integration with other blockchain methods. 

Essential it becomes a secondary layer.... or could become a rapper and /or could be a unique integrator..



Jacques Bikoundou
Jacques Bikoundou  replied:

Okay, I would like to know more since I have been working on a tracing project with a friend.


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