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Hi All, I am looking to put together a Block chain project in the agriculture sector for Australasia I would love to talk to people in this sector who might be interested in setting up a collaborative like this to work on the idea and bring it to life. We also have a blockchain project verification based on human genome, and converted for use in computer cryptography.

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David Bishop
David Bishop  replied:

What kind of project are you looking to do?  Do you have any specifics? There are several use cases that can apply blockchain to agriculture.  

Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett  replied:

Hi David 

Thankyou for your reply, we are looking at the smart contracting and traceability from paddock to plate essentially and allowing for people to see where their food is coming from along with maintaining the quality of food.

This proposition has come to pass from to solve the following solution – suppliers in places where there are lower levels of trust in relation to supply of product to market need a platform for a level of a transparency to reassure buyers that suppliers in these areas can produce product at quantities agreed and qualities agreed.

If businesses in these markets do not have the transparency to show their capacity to buyers, particularly those in foreign markets, that they can produce the quantity and quality of products agreed in contracts, this will reassure those buyers that they can supply the contracts that are on offer and offer the opportunity for underdeveloped areas economically to start to export their way to prosperity.

This product will allow growers to have their own portal where they can show off their land size, product composition, soil quality, product yields, outside temperature, rainfall and many other inputs which will impact on product quality as well as many other inputs in relation directly to the quality issue. This means that the quality and quantity issues are on show for all who subscribe to the portal.

This will in essence mean, buyers will have a visualised distributive ledger of producers producing the products for buyers able to act as free consumers through the portal to consume the products from where ever they are, no matter the location of the buyer, all through a secure, third-party independently validated platform to guarantee security of payment and transportation.