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Hi Matt, I thought you were working on the Ethereum network and the IPFS by chance? ~Jacques

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Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett  replied:

Hi Jacques, im sorry i was not working with etherum but another method called Quantum digital numerical algorithm or QDNA which the chain would act very similar to genertation DNA. 


The system would allow their to be 3 main areas -

1)help with dna fountain technology for mass storage and the writeability method between computer and bio storage

2) authentification, traceability and ownership between generations of the blockchain movements (could be used in monetary or information)

3) along with an underpining encryption/transport capability to be done without data corruptability. 

Sorry I could not be of much help beyond this. My research only got up to looking at how I could turn my own DNA into an encryption method / digital signature 

Regards matthew 

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63367 Hou
63367 Hou  replied:

We do. Pistis.io used both Ethereum and IPFS to build our credentialing solutions. Let me know if you need to know anything specific. 

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