How do you select which 10 Digital Asset Exchanges get included in the CREBACO 50 Report?

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Linda Goetze
Linda Goetze  replied:

As people will be looking at the CREBACO report as a resource to know which exchanges are high quality and safe and which are not, there is a big responsibility in this choice.  To be globally relevant, the list needs to include the exchanges that have ease of access for citizens of countries around the world.  Unless the list is going to be only "best of", there would be a value to the community in taking 3-5 of the top exchanges by volume and doing an analysis on them that includes any evidence of wash trading, price manipulation, evidence of pay to play, etc.    For the remaining slots, you could come up with categories like "best UX/UI", "best customer service", "best track record", "best for a beginner", "lowest fees" etc. to give the community a focus point when selecting an exchange... Just a few thoughts. Hope this is helpful.