How does the Pillar Project, a cryptocurrency wallet, differ from other wallets out there?

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Valerie Melvin
Valerie Melvin  replied:

As a point of information, cryptocurrency wallets simply store your public and private keys, they store your access to the assets. The assets themselves never leave the blockchain.There are so many cryptocurrency wallets out there it is really important to research how to store your crypto assets before you investment. There are cold storage options like Trezor and Ledger, there are desktop wallets like Exodus, and there are mobile wallets. Some assets can only be stored off exchange on their own blockchain requiring you to download the entire blockchain. The Pillar Project is a mobile wallet. 

First and foremost, the Pillar Project is currently an ERC-20 and ERC-721 mobile cryptocurrency wallet. You won’t be storing those UTXO assets with them just yet. Some things that make Pillar different are customer support responds within five minutes, encrypted chatting with contacts, and blockchain explorers all built inside the app. You can make transfers contact to contact once you connect inside the wallet, visible addresses or QR codes aren’t necessary. There is an Offers Engine option that allows you to trade ETH for numerous other ERC-20 tokens using several swap engines to offer the user the best price. On boarding using fiat could be available as early as next week. It’s a multifunction wallet that aspires to be your person data locker.

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Linda Goetze
Linda Goetze  replied:

The customer support will probably be one of the biggest differentiators!  Does anyone know of other wallets with that speed of customer support?  Also, are they prepared to scale quickly if there is high demand?  

As a point of curiosity, are they operating under any money transfer licenses?

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