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How does this work?

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Linda Goetze
Linda Goetze  replied:

By "How does this work?" with no noun to connect "this" to for context, I'm going to make the leap of logic that you are referring to the Q and A.... You have anonymously asked the question so I have no way to connect with you directly and answer any other interpretations of your question unless you respond to my reply. I'm going to take a stab at a quick tutorial for you:

You can add cool flyers of great events... Or ask someone to click Here


The Q &A can be answered by any experienced contributor on the site and will not show up in the feed until it has been approved and received one answer.  Questions are searchable by key words and will remain available for future reference and comment over time.  If you would like more clarification, you can respond to this answer and the conversation can be continued...  

As you will be reminded, please proofread your response before you submit. You cannot edit your response after it has been submitted. You can save drafts of your answers to return to work on them. 

Feel free to ask questions that get the community thinking or that provide a value-add by educating about something that others might not yet be aware of...

You can answer your own questions if you are an experienced contributor, but your questions should be soliciting the community's feedback as well.

I hope this gave you additional perspective on how this works.