Looking to form a partnership for new blockchain development endeavour (banking & technology)

What would blockchain flexibility mean if it could have the Confidentiality (C) strength of a one-time pad encryption, the Integrity (I) of the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature and hold the flexibility and non-repudiation found within biochemistry.

QDNA (quantum digital numerical algorithm) is a new form of technology based on biochemistry and quantum computer sciences that looks at the ability to increase the data density vs data integrity, data complexities and applicable usages within Industry.

The aim of QDNA is to address industries through Security by Flexible Design such as:

·         Financial Services – Adaptation into a highly secure and centralised digital capability to enable financial institutions locally and worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable format;

·         Personal Identifiable & Critical Infrastructure Information – Securing personally identifiable information and critical Infrastructure information while allow you to send and obtain secure data transmission

·         Healthcare – Singular record chain that can be given authentication and non-repudiation via multi in

·         Biotechnology – Ability to secure bio technologies and even biometric information

·         Transport – Used in data transmissions between inner security network between required transportation vehicles (e.g. trains, autonomous vehicles and boats)

·         Technology – Development of a secure non-repudiable encrypted connection for mobile devices (i.e. laptops, phones, tablets) for access to networks and internet; as well as general data protection.

The basis for this proposal is the development of a new digital system that allows for a centralised digital currency exchange that can be used by major banking corporations and even government as a potential digital currency.

The proposal is for the formation of a partnership to bring this development, the algorithm has been developed based the following advantages: 

•  Bio-mimicry is an established and successful practice in science and innovation. Some of the most famous and successful innovations were produced through bio-mimicry (e.g. Velcro).  

• The use of nature to catalyse randomness and entropy represents one of the exciting frontiers of encryption technology

• The foundation of nature has been studied through genetic science and profound randomness/entropy observed

• QDNA harnesses this powerful concept to apply to encryption and ultimately information/data security 

• The advent of a post-quantum computing world will present enormous challenges for information security, data security and encryption – QDNA seeks to address this huge challenge and opportunity with this novel enterprise solution that is scalable

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Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma  replied:
I could connect you with some who have experience in developing blockchain applications, and they are all start-ups! But the founders are very grounded in this tech and can do a good job!!