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What do you feel the role of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce should be when it comes to validating blockchain projects? Should only vetted individuals and organizations with working blockchains that provide a verifiable value-add the community be allowed to be members of the Chamber or be allowed to be sponsors of the ECO or should there be an open door until and/or unless a project or individual is shown to be a detriment to the community?

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David Bishop
David Bishop  replied:

With emerging technology such as blockchain you may need to keep the door open for a while, as the most value-added projects are still yet to come.  Value-add may be difficult to gauge for many early-stage projects.  It may be a good idea to monitor the progress of individuals (members) on their projects and ask for regular reporting to ensure they are on track, committed, and engaged in the community - and move them off if they don't make acceptable progress/contribution over a certain period of time.  Sponsors may be a bit different....depending on their contribution.

Anonymous  replied:
That make a lot of sense, David. You don't want to keep people from participating in a growth phase when they may not have all of their ducks in a row yet... it is so difficult right now to separate the scammers from the beginners who are grinders and who are going to keep showing up and making their projects able to better and better serve the community.