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What is the most valuable implementation of blockchain technology that you are aware of?

2 Answers, 2 Replies
Brian Christie
Brian Christie  replied:

That's no small question. I'm partial to projects bringing down the barriers and making blockchain technologies more accessible. As the supply chain continues to become more global, people will want to know if the inputs to the products they buy are made ethically, and following sound labor and environmental standards so I also like seeing solutions that bring more transparency to supply chain and logistics.

One company specializing in blockchain supply chain and logistics is Block Knowhow. Block Knowhow offer users unfamiliar with blockchain a working hyperledger blockchain that the visitors can participate in - in a non threatening way - by just responding with their interests and experience in blockchain to see their results graphed in real time.

Block Knowhow also offers HyperledgerHosting - a GUI tool that empowers developers with the controls of Hyperledger Fabric functions from the Command Line Interface to management Hyperledger Fabric Clusters of Servers that support the commercial development of blockchain solutions on a distributed ledger platforms.

Long term, another area where I think blockchain will have a profound impact is in the area of education and credentialing.

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Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma  replied:

I think that this kind of implementation is yet to happen. I am of the opinion that building global voting rights on Blockchain will be the most valuable implementation. 

Let me talk in the Indian perspective. India is the largest democracy and with the largest population which goes to national polls every 5yrs. Now one can only vote from the place he or she has registered. There are millions of people who have moved out of their original place of residence for some reason or the other - mostly it is to work. This includes a registered diaspora in foreign countries. All these votes are lost as these people cannot travel back for voting. Well some do, but that is a very low percentage. 

Imagine if we can move the entire voting system to the Blockchain and every one can vote - from where they are. 

This I believe will be the most valuable implementation of Blockchain Technology. Freedom of expression of my voting franchise!

Anonymous  replied:
Shantanu! Don’t you think before global voting rights are possible that an identity solution that people are comfortable with will have to be built?
Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma  replied:

Oh Yes. Of course. There are many blockchain based identity solutions being worked around the world. India has developed a Aashar system which is now considered as a national identity document. It is as good as a blockchain. But centralized with governmental control; Which is fair! I have heard that there are some countries studying this system to emulate in their population. 

But even before that, it is important that at least those who are registered voters get to exercise their adult franchise. That is what my post above mentioned. Many of these registered votes are lost in every election. 

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