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Where can I get well qualified and highly experienced software engineers who can design an Enterprise Blockchain Platform (Hyper ledger Fabric)? I am setting up a blockchain powered platform and need to present a quote to my backers. I also need to have the technical profiles approved. Regards. Raychelle

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Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma  replied:

Are you open to remote working engineers? In which case I would advise on reaching out to Indian software Engineers. India now probably has the largest base of Blockchain developers currently. Many of them are working on private blockchains using Hyperledger Fabric and other enterprise blockchain frameworks. 

In fact the core strength of India is in the development of public blockchain based DApps and platforms.  

Ray Injete
Ray Injete  replied:

Hello Shantanu,

Sorry for the late response. I am still getting used to using this platform as I am new here. Yes,  I am open to working with remote engineers. My main condition is that they should have proven working experience. If there are some who have previously worked or are working with big tech, that is ideal. Their CVs will have to be approved by my backers, so they have to be very good.