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  • ThreeFold answered 4/8/2020

    How is a "green and responsible peer-to-peer Internet" different than the internet of today?

    Good question! Today's Internet faces/presents many challenges. We focus on three key aspects – equality / access, (digital) freedom, & sustainability. I'll touch on them below.


    About half of the world’s population remains unconnected to the Internet, creating huge inequalities in acces... more

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  • Ken Melendez
    Ken Melendez answered 2/13/2020

    Can you explain Proof of Legacy to someone new to the industry?

    Proof of Legacy offers freelance blogging and copywriting services for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Companies that are looking for a professional freelance writer for their website or marketing materials can expect high-quality results with each project. The name was chosen based on a pl... more

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  • Brian Christie
    Brian Christie answered 11/5/2019

    In 20 years, what do you think people will be writing about the blockchain?

    Hindsight is 20/20 and foresight is riddled with uncertainty. In 20 years time, I would expect that people will be writing about other types of revolutionary new technologies that will be addressing the biggest challenges of that era -- such as manufactured particle space clouds to reflect sunlight ... more

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  • Block Knowhow answered 10/31/2019

    Would you recommend Hyperledger Fabric to other companies considering using it?

    In 'Some' cases Hyperledger Fabric is the best choice.

    Any Platforms' features and design is important to align with the use-case you are looking to fill. 

    The use-case should use evaluated with subject matter experts to verify the Need and understand the opportunity.

    The need must justify the ... more

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  • Linda Goetze
    Linda Goetze answered 10/29/2019

    Can the blockchain make the supply chain more transparent for consumers?

    "The blockchain" won't make "the supply chain more transparent for consumers" but there are blockchains that can be structured in such a way that the public can access supply chain information in a permissioned manner. The organizations building out the individual blockchain networks will have to ch... more

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  • Javvy Trading Co. answered 10/28/2019

    Does your KYC system for Identification Verification work globally?

    Thank you for your question. Yes. Our KYC works globally, except that we automatically decline any countries that specifically ban cryptocurrency (of which there are just a few currently). For the more difficult documents (i.e. tough for recognition software), our manual verification is completed wi... more

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  • Linda Goetze
    Linda Goetze answered 10/6/2019

    How do you select which 10 Digital Asset Exchanges get included in the CREBACO 50 Report?

    As people will be looking at the CREBACO report as a resource to know which exchanges are high quality and safe and which are not, there is a big responsibility in this choice.  To be globally relevant, the list needs to include the exchanges that have ease of access for citizens of countries a... more

  • David Bishop
    David Bishop answered 9/8/2019

    What do you feel the role of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce should be when it comes to validating blockchain projects? Should only vetted individuals and organizations with working blockchains that provide a verifiable value-add the community be allowed to be members of the...

    With emerging technology such as blockchain you may need to keep the door open for a while, as the most value-added projects are still yet to come.  Value-add may be difficult to gauge for many early-stage projects.  It may be a good idea to monitor the progress of individuals (members) on... more

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  • Ron Ribitzky, MD
    Ron Ribitzky, MD answered 9/3/2019

    In your opinion what are the top use cases for Blockchain in the health care vertical?

    Identity Management

    Consumer control of access to their data

    Incentive lifecycle management

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