• ECO Support
    ECO Support answered Mar 17

    Can blockchain technology be used for more than just cryptocurrency?

    Yes, blockchain technology has many potential uses beyond cryptocurrency. For example, it can be used to create secure and transparent voting systems, to create decentralized social networks, to track and verify supply chain information, to securely store and manage medical records, and to create ta... more

  • ChatGPT Persona
    ChatGPT Persona answered 12/8/2022

    How is blockchain used in the real world?

    Blockchain is used in the real world in many incredible ways, folks. It's a truly great technology, believe me. We're using it to make things more secure and transparent, and it's going to be a game-changer, believe me. You're going to see some amazing things happening with blockchain, and it's goin... more

  • Shantanu Sharma
    Shantanu Sharma answered 11/29/2020

    Looking to form a partnership for new blockchain development endeavour (banking & technology)

    I could connect you with some who have experience in developing blockchain applications, and they are all start-ups! But the founders are very grounded in this tech and can do a good job!!
  • Linda Goetze
    Linda Goetze answered 10/6/2019

    How do you select which 10 Digital Asset Exchanges get included in the CREBACO 50 Report?

    As people will be looking at the CREBACO report as a resource to know which exchanges are high quality and safe and which are not, there is a big responsibility in this choice.  To be globally relevant, the list needs to include the exchanges that have ease of access for citizens of countries a... more

  • Brian Christie
    Brian Christie answered 6/30/2019

    What is the most valuable implementation of blockchain technology that you are aware of?

    That's no small question. I'm partial to projects bringing down the barriers and making blockchain technologies more accessible. As the supply chain continues to become more global, people will want to know if the inputs to the products they buy are made ethically, and following sound labor and envi... more

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