Linda Goetze


Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

An educator and connector, I love bringing people together around mutually beneficial objectives! I believe we are stronger together!

Tags: blockchain innovation, STO, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, SDG's, global marketing, ...

Abraham Xiong

Board Chair

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

Small business advocate, government contracts & blockchain ambassador, living my gift, helping others thrive in their journey.

Tags: blockchain, government contracting, blockchain chamber, government contracts...

Richard Brooks

Chief Financial Officer

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Cofounder of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce with a specialty in business financial planning and funding.

Tags: New Product Development Professional, Project Management Professional

Calvin Wright


Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

HR Business leader that focuses on business process improvement and Blockchain is the future of better business processes.

Tags: Labor/Employee Relations, Diversity/Inclusion, Talent Management...

Scott Shagory

Strategist and Advisor

Raytheon Corporation and Self

My focus is core business strategy in the technology space with a particular interest in startups and blockchain projects.

Tags: Strategy, Technology, Startups, DLT, IoT, Cybersecurity, Global Markets

Ksenija Cipek

Director of Legal and Tax Risk Analysis

Ministry of Finance Croatia

International Tax Expert, Lawmaker Tax Legislation, Project Leader, Lecturer at University of Law, author, book writer

Tags: Taxation, finances, blockchain, techonolgy

Kenn Rivers

Co-Founder & CEO

R2Group & Associates LLC.

CMO & Strategic Partner Development

Tags: Blockchain Government Contracts, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain projects...

Lisa G Short

Founder of Mind Shifting & Areté Business Performance

Change Strategist & Influencer | Innovator | Digital Technologist | Entrepreneur | Design Thinker & Mind Shifter

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