Brian Christie

CEO | Brainsy

Brainsy, Inc.

Dedicated to customer success

Tags: SaaS, Reward Networks, Engagement Communities, Crowdfunding

Aron Joseph

Managing Director


15+ years experience in website design, marketing, corporate branding, direct sales, B2B and consumer awareness & adoption.

Tags: Consultant, B2B sales, Merchant Adoption, Online Marketing, Brand Development

Ken Melendez

Freelance Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Blogger and Copywriter

Proof of Legacy

Invested in digital assets in 2017, haven't looked back since.

Tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency, crypto, bitcoin, steem, success, education...

Rayshoun Chambers

Chapter President - Raleigh, NC

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

High-Spirited Business Sales & Operations Optimizer, Consultant & Author; embracing the joys of connecting opportunities w/winning execution

Tags: Strategic Partnerships, Blockchain Innovation, Six Sigma Methodology...

Richard Duncan

Random guy


Technologist with on a broad range of skills used in today's technological landscape relating data, cloud computing, science, and security.

Tags: science, data, cloud, security, blockchain, cryptocurrency

Derrick DeCarlo

Business Development Leader


Business Development Leader with proven track record of success developing high performing sales teams.

Tags: Sales, Business Development, Digital Advertising, Media, SaaS, Startup

Bryan Allworthy

Senior Consultant


Forward looking macro strategist specialising in the disruptive nature of divergent trends, manager of crypto assets and consultant to SMEs.

Tags: Cryptocurrency, Asset Management, macro strategy

Katherine Kuzmeskas, MPH


SimplyVital Health

SimplyVital Health is building the blockchain infrastructure that is safely adoptable by healthcare.

Tags: healthcare, HIPAA-compatible blockchain, Health Nexus protocol

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