Cryptocurrency Bull Market - A distraction from or a facilitator of mass adoption of blockchain technology?

Linda Goetze Consultant, Self
Posted on 5/27/2019 10:50:34 AM

We are playing with the baby bulls in the current crypto marketplace and the news is turning up the public awareness of cryptocurrencies again... Facebook is planning on being a major player and stable coins, country coins, and asset-backed tokens are on the rise... Do you feel this is distracting the marketplace from other blockchain solutions and innovation or is it a net benefit to mass adoption? 

Anas Haddad wrote:

When you talk about any international company like Facebook. I would accept they come with a new concept and a new white page of their own coin. they will make the market more stable not distracted. as they will contribute to do more innovative ways to run such a project. and as they trust .. then millions others will trust.. 

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