Eric Martine - Crypto Capital Investments

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Brian Christie CEO | Brainsy, Brainsy, Inc.
Posted on 7/3/2019 3:05:43 PM

Identity fraud ifis a form of fraud. I received this and feel the need to call it out. I apologize in advance if Eric Martine is a real person asking me to connect on LinkedIn -- but Mr. Martine sure looks like he has a fake profile. Poorly written bio, he only has 150 connections, Google doesn't recognize his image, and he's been running Crypto Capital Investments for 9+ years (since 2010) even though most crypto currencies didn't start to emerge until 2011 or later. Hmm.... most investors are fighting off random connection requests, not making them.

With all the best tech in the world at their disposal and nearly unlimited financial resources, you'd think MSFT / LinkedIn had better methods in place to reduce ID fraud and to weed out fake profiles. Hundreds of millions of people are at risk daily because they aren't doing a better job at this.      

Mr. Martine - feel free to join this group and share more about your identity. Otherwise, please be gone.  

Or maybe, it's Satoshi in stealth in which case, welcome! 

#satoshinakamoto #fakelinkedinprofile #Brainsy powers identity verified networks.