I can see that as a headline of an article i'll have to write in the near future. Or maybe right now. Over these Christmas holidays, governments and their agencies have been moving decisively against crypto. Uzbekistan just banned all crypto sales. Youtube is removing crypto-related videos from several accounts. The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) just released an official warning against investing in crypto for 2020.. and then there's China.

I'm blessed to be in the company of some very dope people doing some very dope stuff; so i not only see the potential of blockchain, i get a front row seat to the birth of several applications that will change the way humanity interacts. So if i can see it... i know those brilliant world leaders can see it too. And because i make sure to study what is happening with the world financial market, these brash blanket bans have the scent of fear upon them. People are losing faith in this fiat system. The timidly rash market manipulators have responded by flooding an already inflated money supply with more currency. I can see the tide shifting.

I predict that the economies that choose to ban cryptocurrencies won't last 7 years past that decision. The choice to fight evolution has always resulted in extinction. We all know the price of most cryptos are going to go up in 2020. I ain't heard nobody say that fiat currencies could take a hit in exchange.. but they could. And if they do, the economies that banned crypto gone feel it the worst. Maybe das just Adam-Economics; but because of the protocol of Bitcoin, using it and other cryptos as a store of value {a savings account} to protect against asset depreciation {so you don't lose yo money} becomes a more and more enticing and beneficial investment against holding a dying dollar. They know it, we know it. Now what we gone do about it??

It's important to read and learn as much as you can about as many aspects of this new technology as possible. Read and take as many free courses as time allows. Because sharing accurate information is key in advancing the adoption of blockchain universally. Organize locally with community leaders who want to build blockchain systems that serve useful community functions. Information and database management, payroll distribution, rewards programs and more. The benefits of blockchain will beat the bafoonery. Sign up for an exchange and read up on the current tax laws. Get in and hold. Hold long and hard...

Simply put, a ban on crypto won't hurt crypto. It does more to hurt the ill-informed public official who decided to doom his people. Those of us who were smart, those reading this, are gonna be alright thru the oncoming storm. You gone be safe if you rollin wit dat Blockchain & Crypto!! Put ya B's & C's up!! a lil cross-culture reference... oh and i had to quote 45 in da title..

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