This former Chinese governor doesn't trust Libra and thinks it should be run by the IMF. I trust the IMF less.

The link above describes what we all knew was coming; governments and banks creating their own centralized cryptocurrencies. Simply going by the White Paper of Satoshi Nakamoto, we know that this technology was created to eliminate centralized banking systems. These government-owned and distributed blockchains, the technology won't be for fair and safe distribution of wealth. it will be for surveillance. recently at the #SmartCityExpo here in Atlanta, there were several companies showcasing their new technologies and talking about how innovative and groundbreaking they were. Although some of the stuff was cool, there was one recurring and nefarious theme throughout almost all of them; their innovative tech was just about how they would use cameras to record and stockpile footage of people. They intertwined solar power, VR/AR, and blockchain into their glorified spy cams to make it seem like they were doing solving some kind of problem for humanity. When in reality they're only trying to solve the problems of a few special interests. That problem is how to better surveil and control the populace. We would all be Truman shows to the people controlling those systems. I ain't got time. Be wary of Centralized Blockchains, for the fiat currencies they are tied to will sink and take the centralized blockchain captaining that ship down with it.

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