I just wanna see credible, tangible proof. Nobody's asking for or requiring proof as a condition of these extreme measures. People who question the determining factors behind the hysteria and the need thereof, are ridiculed; called irresponsible, conspiracy theorists. Where's the proof? A nurse friend of mine told me the test consists of a nasal swab. Then they send off the sample to labs and await results. He told me he'd never seen a physical positive test result but he could see what the disease was doing to people. He said it ate away their lungs, and their kidneys as well, and that their urine looked like tea or coca-cola. How can blockchain help??

Blockchain can't cure people of diseases; not directly. But let's skip to the future where the entire health industry has been blockchained. The information about the source and spread of this disease would be logged and spread around the world faster than the disease itself. What's more, the truth about its origins, symptoms, and treatments would be readily accessible by anyone with a device that accesses the internet. Theories like the forced 5G installation, the force vaccination plot of the WHO, or the coordinated erosion of our civil liberties via military-enforced martial law for the sake of direct depopulation of black and  brown communities; could either be substantiated, or debunked. I hate when people try to discredit an argument by calling it a "conspiracy theory" as if no conspiracy theory has ever been proven as fact. Yes, the government killed Martin Luther King, Jr. Yes, private interests are directly profiting from the $50 billion of released emergency response money and indirectly from the deaths of thousands of people. Now don't ask who those special interests are..

Could blockchain-based medical records speed the documentation and dissemination of information regarding this disease, and thereby increase the response time of containment efforts? In this system, all medical industry computers are linked to a specific blockchain network that immediately and simultaneously alerts all network computers of any new disease discoveries; as well as any new disease treatments. Numbers of infected, treated, and recovered patients can be documented and personalized by location and uploaded to the network real-time so everyone can see where the areas of most concern are. This will relay time-sensitive information about which places need which resources the most. But of course that's always been the vision of healthcare on blockchain. But in light of these recent events, what power does it put in the hands of the people?

I don't think people understand the depths of the powershift that is blockchain. Right now, they're preparing "vaccines" to distribute to the public and i'm almost certain they'll be MANDATORY VACCINATIONS. Meanwhile, in China, they're treating and CURING PEOPLE with VITAMIN C; intravenous vitamin c. If that information were immediately and ubiquitously uploaded to every internet-accessible device, the people could demand better, safer treatments from their healthcare providers. Cause no matter what any of those pro-vaccinators say, they have NO CLUE what is in those syringes. All they have is trust in a medical industry that lost the trust of black folks before it was even institutionalized. Black people have always been the guinea pigs of the American medical profession and i'm willing to bet a Bitcoin that that hasn't changed. See knowledge is power and before they shut all of it off, you better fight for as much of it as you can soak up.

Scared people are easy to control. Sick people are easy to kill. The Fed just pledged "unlimited" cash to combat this terror. Things aren't looking good for the dollar and at this point, I have to accept that they're doing this intentionally to make way for a new system. Senators were caught selling stocks before the hysteria broke out and the market plunged. They know what they're doing. Many will follow the false prophet into the pits of hell. But my eye is on the sparrow.

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