I was privileged to have been invited to the National Power Training Institute in Faridabad, near New Delhi, to conduct a session on Blockchain Technology. I took a session on "Integration of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Business and Life". 

It was a small but engaging bunch of participants who have been working in the power sector for quite some time and were oblivious to the change in the technology paradigms of the world. Their interest piqued when I started to speak about cryptocurrencies, which shows that there is interest in the Indian market in this field, but little opportunities to understand it better. They were also interested to know about the various applications of cryptocurrencies using blockchain tech, in the various businesses including the power sector. I helped them take a peek into how blockchain can help in the Loyalty programs, Supply Chain, and Power sector

I also ensured that they saw how Blockchain explorer looks like and what Hashing actually is (used an online tool to demonstrate the same). 

About NPTI

National Power Training Institute (NPTI), an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 organization under Ministry of Power, Government of India is a National Apex body for Training and Human Resources Development in Power Sector with its Corporate Office at Faridabad. NPTI has trained over 3,20,000 Power Professionals in regular Programs over the last 5 decades and is the world's leading integrated power training institute.

For more information visit: National Power Training Institute

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