Dogecoin was created as a literal joke. Now, the people who are investing in DOGE on the word and whim of Billionaires and social media, are indeed the joke. To reiterate, you are a joke if you are investing in DOGE. Beyond barbaric day-trading and small percentage bumps, no one is retiring off Dogecoin.

Let’s talk realistically. When it comes to the valuation of BTC versus DOGE, What is pushing the growth of Bitcoin? What is pushing the growth of Dogecoin? In the case of Bitcoin, institutional adoption is the driving force behind Bitcoin’s growth. Businesses, organizations, and governments are recognizing the legitimacy and applicability of Bitcoin and are accepting it as transactional currency amongst their communities. In contrast, what’s pushing the growth of Dogecoin, is social media hype. That’s it. There is no institutional adoption of DOGE. There is no utility or efficacy that has been built into the crypto to add any value. So what does that say about the life expectancy of this pathetic propaganda project? Anyone who fails to see the string-pulling stage play that is Dogecoin, is miserably destined for deep-seated regret.

If your goal is to make an investment that will net you the kind of returns that will change your life, DOGE will disappoint you. I don’t have faith that DOGE will go over $.80, let alone a dollar. What most new crypto investors lack is a thorough knowledge of blockchain technology, the technology that makes cryptocurrencies possible. If Bitcoin is the car, blockchain is the road. The reason why cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum are valued in the thousands is because of the strength of their blockchain network. Their blockchains actually solve a problem. They create new ways for people to exchange value and information. Dogecoin solves no problems. Remember Netscape? Remember America Online? Did you know that there are other internets apart from the world wide web?? Innovation is what will sustain in the crypto game, not hype.

The Pet Rock

Capitalism keeps you in a constant state of confusion. You’re constantly being advertised and sold to. Because capitalism and its champion capitalists tell you what to buy, and they give you no time or resources to make that decision for yourself, you are victimized by cheap goods and empty service. Dogecoin is the Pet Rock. It’s both exciting and disheartening to hear so many people talking about crypto but then they sully the moment when they say things like “Ripple” & “Dogecoin”, just filth talk. smh. Dogecoin has excellent marketing because it has a billionaire spokesperson. Billionaires and celebrities who have millions to gamble are chiding you to put your money into this joke, so that they can be entertained by both the returns they make, and the chaos that follows the inevitable crash. Outside of celebrity fueled social media frenzy, Dogecoin has nothing to offer anyone.

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