Criterium Solutions - based in London - comprises a collective of leading UK consultants, technical advisors and product designers who work with US clients to provide (a) expert advice on setting up Blockchain projects and (b) the ability to execute MVPs and larger-scale builds via an experienced team of 35 senior Blockchain developers with skills across Hyperledger, Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, Corda, Hedera Hashgraph and Monero.

Our Post Training Support

We support companies during the transition period from training in new technologies to the practical implementation within the ‘live’ project environment, and work closely with our clients to develop a flexible programme of support, providing expert guidance to build the confidence of internal development teams.   

Flexible Support Services

Our services provide clients with support on an ongoing basis or accessed as an when required.

Ongoing Support

For clients requiring ongoing support, Criterium assigns an expert Blockchain developer – working in core US hours – to be available on a full-time basis to answer questions as and when they arise and provide one-to-one advice and/or group ‘top-up’ sessions in the new technology.

Blockchain Surgery

For other clients, our Blockchain Surgery offers a good alternative approach whereby once or twice a week (during the post training transition period), one of our senior developers is made available for a 2-3 hour period to talk through live project issues.

In summary and post-training, Criterium is there to help clients with expert and practical advice tailored to the level and frequency of support required.

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