Fulfilling the social mandate of the Chamber to raise awareness, facilitate adoption and inspire advocacy for commerce, consumers and professionals building careers in blockchain has been a tall order!  That's why we are so happy to share the responsibility and reward of fulfilling this mandate with the community through the Blockchain ECOsystem platform!  Click HERE to watch a short video about how to best share the ECOsystem with your network to participate in the process and the product we are building together.  The rewards for you as the one sending the invitation and the benefits to those who you invite are unparalleled.  This is a "by invitation only" platform so the quality of the people and projects showcased here are a direct result of our choices in who we invite.  Choose wisely, my friends, and lets see who can be the first person to earn their $100,000 cap (currently 1,038,570 XLM) on the  rewards for the year! 

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