I'm not taking a vaccine. point blank period. When you are a child, you act as a child. When you grow up, you're supposed to put away those childish things. My siblings told me about the Boogeyman. That told me dat fool lived under my bed and would grab my feet at night if i wasn't careful. I used to jump like 3 feet off my bed at night because i believed dat nonsense. Now, of course, me and da Boogeyman are good friends... yeah... anyway, I feel like lies we were told as kids and young adults in order to explain the society in which we live on a level of adolescent understanding are somewhat excusable. However, they are still lies. Some will say those lies were meant to protect you. But since when has a lie protected anybody besides the person telling it?? If the Truth will set you free, what will a lie do?

The psychotic and intermingled web of influence between the educational and corporate industries was not designed to make us critical thinkers and community leaders. The innovative minds that have developed over the past century and a half have done so in spite of our modern education system. This "modern" education system worked with scientists and self-proclaimed medical experts to replace tribal superstition and shamanism with science and "modern medicine". Part of that process was demonizing traditional and tribal forms of treating illness through targeted, sensationalized, and intentionally deceitful propaganda. Voodoo dolls are not for harming or putting spells on people. They are used as instruments of healing and blessing. That's one quick example of lies that have been perpetuated through popular culture and are accepted as truth throughout greater society as a whole. The examples of nefarious propaganda that is promoted by government and professional industries, and steeped in nothing but pure lies, are far too innumerable to contain in this post. Suffice it to say, i don't trust the government, the entire medical industry, and the entirety of mainstream media. Why should i?

Remember all those dairy ads growing up that told you cow's milk was an essential part of your diet because it helped develop strong bones?? Remember how complicit and promotive the entire American education system was in perpetuating these ideas?? and that whole "got milk?" campaign?? Need i say more?? For the sake of some, i will. Now that i'm an adult, i can see that everything they told me about cow's milk was a lie. Whole documentaries have been financed, verified, and distributed to the public about the damaging effects of dairy and meat on the human body. Peep Forks Over Knives on Netflix. This is an example of widespread and deliberate deception on the part of the dairy industry and the US government. For the sake of a few wealthy dairy farmers and their puppet congressmen, they literally poisoned, and continue to poison, millions of children with a concoction they fully know will lead to disease and death. And you better believe there's a lot more in milk than milk. A voice from a friend is reminding me that i make very accusatory statements without being able to completely corroborate what i'm saying as fact. With that being said, these are opinions; strong, independently verified and confirmed opinions.

I was blessed with parents that encouraged me to "question everything." I may have taken it farther than they originally intended, but it was to my benefit; and theirs as well. Here are some questions i have: Why are there patents for diseases?? Really ask yourself that question. Then, who seeks to profit from the manufacture and distribution of disease?? and then, who are the most likely "consumers" of these patented products?? A better way to ask that: who are the most likely "victims" of these patented products?? What, besides a "dead" version of the disease that i'm trying to avoid, is in the syringe come vaccination time??
The medical professionals who are tasked with sticking you with that syringe will not be able to give you a full account of what they are injecting into you. That's a red flag. Another red flag is the shameful inability of the medical professionals, that sell drugs labeled as vaccines, to ensure the safety of the drugs they sellin. Da weed man ain't never had nobody sue him for his drugs causing autism. Yet, Tyrone gone do 10 years in prison while Dr. Greenberg buys another G6. We ain't gone go down that rabbit hole tho... at least not today.

A friend of mine summed up my position very well on a facebook post. Here's an excerpt:
"It CAN be proven that vaccines have harmed people (through court cases and settlements, medical records, etc.) but the intent by the vaccine manufacturer is a lot harder to prove without a manufacturer going on record and admitting harmful intent, which we know is not gonna happen.   I personally don't allow room for the little "oopsies" that deadly vaccines cause, so I cut to the punch and call it what it is -- Vaccines are purposely harmful and damaging to the human body. Because with all the scientific and medical knowledge and research these [doctors] claim to have, they know better. So when they pretend ignorance and unintended consequences, I call BS. When they say that there are "safe" amounts of hazardous disinfectants (like thimeorsal) in vaccines, I call BS."


This screenshot comes from the NIH website. Click this link for the full article.

Ain't no way you gone tell me that the possible side effects of ANY activity are sudden autism, or irreversible brain damage, or hemorrhaging, or stroke, or sudden death, and that you don't know how likely it is that i'll encounter these side effects or others, and still expect me to skip my jolly behind up to the doctor's office with a smile and a thank you. You simply have a slave mentality if that revelation doesn't have an impact in your decisions. I've blasted these evil drug dealers and their deadly drugs long enough. HOW CAN BLOCKCHAIN HELP?

Blockchains are good for data aggregation. What data could help save the world from vaccines? I think an illuminating truth needs to be shined on every aspect of vaccines and their effectiveness. The information on the reported cases of damage caused by vaccines needs to be as equally accessible, searchable, and verifiable as the lack of information there currently is surrounding the use and impact of vaccines. That same friend that warned me of my inflammatory tone has a saying, "Garbage in, garbage out." She means if tainted info goes onto the blockchain, that garbage is what will become searchable and immutable. There is a tremendous amount of information that is free and accessible on the internet. There is possibly even more information that never makes its way to the world wide web. What's more, that free information won't be free for long. The purpose and application of blockchain technology needs to be taught to people who seek to share life-giving knowledge. Cause lord knows, those evil drug dealers can afford to skip to learning curve and go straight to killing people. But truly decentralized and communally-monitored networks of information will become essential parts of info exchange. The Wikipedia format is a great example of how grassroots truth can be collected and help to inform and empower a people. When people can freely share their experiences without being silenced by predatory policy, and those experiences can be reinforced with similar experiences and community support, we can use that aggregation of data as digital leverage to invoke change.

BUILD BLOCKCHAINS TO PRESERVE TRUTH. History has always been decided by the victors. And with Trump leading the charge against this "invisible enemy", what will the narrative be?? Will we ever know the REAL causes of this random disease?? Will we ever know the most effective ways to treat it?? I feel like that information is being withheld intentionally for various reasons; but uncensored blockchains could provide pools of information that were immune to the poisonous actions of corrupt individuals seeking to control the masses through fear.


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Jason Bennick Jason Bennick 5/23/2020

Great narrative. It had an impact on me. Thanks for sharing. 

Manny Amadeo Manny Amadeo 1/29/2021

Fatality rate of COVID-19 is about 2%. I'm willing to take whatever risk comes with vaccines to reduce my risk of dying from COVID. However, I do agree with your idea that blockchain can help preserve truth as it ought to be able to help bring transparency to the supply chain.