Join us on May 4th at 5-6PM CEST (11AM-12PM EDT) for an exclusive webinar brought to you by the @Blockchain Chamber of Commerce!

We are proud to welcome the following speakers to discuss the challenges and opportunities that dynamic/digital #freightmatching and the IP at its core has brought to the #supplychain management industry.  

The agenda includes: 

➡️ Introduction by

Rayshoun Chambers, CEO and President of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce & @Linda Goetze, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of @DFM Data Corp.

➡️ First Segment: Introduction to Dynamic / Digital Freight Matching

Moderator: @Andy Serowitz, VP of Marketing at DFM Data Corp.

Panelists Include :

Michael Darden, Chairman & CEO of DFM Data Corp.

Neal Huffman, VP of Sales at DFM Data Corp.

➡️ Second Segment: Need for Standards

Moderator: Linda Goetze, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President at DFM Data Corp.

Panelists include :

Andrew Cohen, Executive Vice President & CTO of DFM Data Corp.

John Greaves, Steering Committee Chairman at DFM Data Corp.

Vic Uzumeri, Operational Systems Architecture Advisor at DFM Data Corp. and Logistics Professor at Auburn University

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