In recent days, we've seen announcements and rumors running rampant across the news feeds.... Facebook about to launch "Libra" and is soon to launch a social media platform on EOS as well.  Is a 4 billion dollar project a BIG player?  How about 500 billion when we are looking at Facebook's market cap? 

Just a little dose of perspective here....

Lets compare FB to the blue whale - the largest animal in the world... according to "These blue-gray giants extend about 80 to 100 feet (24.4 to 30.5 m) in length and weigh about 400,000 pounds (181,437 kilograms). That's equivalent to the weight of 135 Volkswagen Beetles. Its tongue alone weighs 5,400 pounds (2,449 kg), And the heart of a blue whale is about the size of a VW Beetle."  

OK.  That's HUGE! That's really BIG!  

But I promised you perspective, didn't I? 

The small fish surrounding the big fish far outweigh them! Swimming in schools of up to 10 million fish and at an average of 4 oz. makes one school about 2.5 million pounds.  The reality is that the little fish far outweigh the whales and sharks!  When it comes to social media and the transfer of value in the blockchain ecosystem, it is this awareness that will make a difference!  If each one of us owns our power, we can be stronger together!     


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Hieu Tran Hieu Tran 6/21/2019

This is a great article on perspective. Facebook (and to a lesser extent, EOS) suck up so much of the media oxygen as it relates to perceived innovation in blockchain and social media that it's hard for everyone to see all the smaller fish in the ocean. Using the same analogy, "traditional social media" seems broken so the tide may be turning and the "whales" may soon be vulnerable to getting stuck on shore. I think your Blockchain ECOsystem is a great school for the rest of us to join.