Blockchain has made me an even more avid historian. I've found some deep-seated pleasure in gazing as far back into the past as i can while paralleling that with this amazing future i see riding on the wave of blockchain. I talk to people about the on-coming crash of the US Dollar. Most people understandably can't wrap their heads around it. It's the monetary system my great-grandparents knew and used. All i've known is the "Almighty Dollar!!" as sang by The O'Jays. And that rhetoric towards the USD has helped sustain it as a faith-based fiat for almost 100 years. When governments mismanage money, they collapse. Empires using fiat currency historically have a 100% failure rate. So what does that mean for the greatest global empire the world has known?? No one i know has lived through the collapse and rebuilding of a government system of a major world power. What does it look like?

My dad was a kid when Nigeria gained their independence and subsequently plunged into years of civil war. He told me about how he and his siblings had to hide in the woods for days at a time. He was separated from his dad and older brother for years; not knowing whether they were alive or dead. Eventually, the Nigerian Federal Government subdued the Biafran separatists. Culturally, the nation we know as Nigeria was and still is very diverse. The Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa tribes all had different forms of government prior to British invasion. The most interesting is my poeple, the Igbo. They had a decentralized, communal form of governance that involved both men and women. While there were kings and chieftans in the region, individuals voted and came to consensus as a community and advancement in society was promoted through acquired wealth, as opposed to inherited wealth. That's what blockchain will return us to.

Blockchain is trust. It solves the historic Byzantine General's Problem of reaching consensus. We rely on central governments to author and enforce laws and settle disputes between people and businesses. Other functions of government include healthcare, education, infrastructure, resource allocation(food, water, energy), and others. Blockchain has the capacity to fulfill all those functions and more. My favorite blockchain, Ethereum, has these dope DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) that with the use of smart contracts can literally exercise the functions of government at a fraction of the cost. Much of our income is swallowed by taxes that go to fund bureaucracy and administrative salaries, or destructive programs and policies designed to disenfranchise minorities. Imagine being able to take home 90% of your check with the other 10% going to fund DAOs that pay you dividends on your investments. Redistribution of wealth is at the heart of blockchain technology.

Without a central power, the likelihood of war diminishes greatly. Wars are typically fought for land or resources. An old mentor of mine questioned me though and was like, "what if wars were fought for the purpose of population control..??" But anyway, if resources are evenly distributed amongst the people, wealth will consequently be more evenly distributed as well. And once you don't have a population of people that's impressionable and controllable due to poverty and miseducation, you got less people willing to fight wars. Governments are largely controlled by a few special interests. Rich business and land owners that inherited control of ancient monetary systems. If you control the currency, you control the people. By manipulating global activities with the USD's domination of the world economy, the Federal Reserve and their network of world banks has exacted poisonous control on every human being on the planet. They did it, they conquered the world. But it won't last. Cryptocurrencies threaten the USD's position as the world's reserve currency. Once unseated, the FED will try to initiate wars to regain control. Don't drink the kool-aid. 

Blockchain will reset history. Just like A.D. & B.C., there will be A.B.C.(After Blockchain).
History has been determined by the victors. Whoever made it off the battlefield told the tale however they deemed it necessary for their benefit. This has created myths and legends of grandeur and lies. From this, we have the creation of toxic, manipulative world religions that prey on the minds of people that are still part of a system that lacks consensus on several major historical facts. Because you weren’t there, you have to trust that what you’re being told by this central authority is in fact, the truth. With Blockchain there is consensus. This rips the veil off history and begins a new global account of world events. We return to truth. When groups of people can no longer be lied to about their history, they have the power to claim lands, claim cultures, claim wealth, that was previously denied them due to reliance on an opportunist central power.

Blockchain will return the world to a digital pre-colonization. Borders will be erased digitally and new global communities will be formed based on industries and belief systems. The Berlin Conference will be virtually reversed as commerce and communities cross entire continents and connect with others. Huey theorized that there no longer existed independent nation states; there were simply communities of peoples under the control and direction of the US Imperial power. Blockchain will help facilitate the development and growth of these communities. These new global communities of trust will manifest tangibly with the development of AI, AR, & VR. This was way more philosophical then i thought it would be, but hey. Hope you enjoyed my theories.

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