Three Good Reasons to Join the Blockchain Ecosystem

ECO Support ECO Support
Posted at Jan 1

Joining the Blockchain Ecosystem, a social network dedicated to the blockchain, can be a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of blockchain technology, connect with like-minded individuals, and potentially even advance your career. Here are a few reasons why someone should consider joining the Blockchain Ecosystem:

1. Stay informed: The blockchain space is constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest developments. By joining the Blockchain Ecosystem, you can get access to a wealth of information and insights from experts and enthusiasts in the field. This can help you stay informed about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the industry.

2. Connect with others: The Blockchain Ecosystem can be a great place to connect with other people who are interested in the technology. You can share ideas, ask question...more

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We are So Connected! And Thoughts on the Current State of the Global Economy and Life....

Linda Goetze Linda Goetze
Posted at 6/5/2020

Sometimes it is easy to be overwhelmed by what's going on in the world (and your own little piece of it) - the looming bond bubble (September or October 2020 bust?), the scammers that are still getting away with defrauding innocent/ignorant people (See On Yavin break it down with the Chamber on the second Thursday of June, 2020 - tickets on Eventbrite and findable on YouTube soon too), the HUGE initiatives that are in the works to positively impact billions with digital agentcy and affordable distributed data processing and storage(Three Fold), the children who've died because sanctions made medicine too expensive, the islands still recovering from hurricane damage and bracing for more extreme weather (global warming or....??), the plastics polluting our oceans, the wild fires, speaking of fires and looting...I still can't shake the knowing that WE ARE SO CONNECTED!, the pain of parents,...more

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Breaking Barriers - A Thought Leadership Document

Shantanu Sharma Shantanu Sharma
Posted at 12/23/2019

Presenting - a Thought leadership document - "Breaking Barriers" based on the amazing conversations I had on the special series - “Women in Blockchain” - on Hard Fork - India's 1st TV Talk Show on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

The document covers the following:

  • Highlights of each conversation we had with the women thought leaders in the 4 episodes
  • Transcribed excerpts of the conversations with the guests of each episode
  • Articles written by the guests.

We discussed Blockchain as a tech, opportunity for the country, careers, problems, solutions, attracting talent from all across and many other things tech and non-tech. Simply grateful to Aanchal Thakur, Debajani Mohanty, Smriti Tomar and  Tarusha Mittal for being part of this journey.

Hard Fork is not just a talk show - it is a thought leadership platform that will aim to bring out the best in the crypto and blockchain industry, ...more

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Conducted an Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain for Power sector Employees

Shantanu Sharma Shantanu Sharma
Posted at 9/8/2019

I was privileged to have been invited to the National Power Training Institute in Faridabad, near New Delhi, to conduct a session on Blockchain Technology. I took a session on "Integration of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Business and Life". 

It was a small but engaging bunch of participants who have been working in the power sector for quite some time and were oblivious to the change in the technology paradigms of the world. Their interest piqued when I started to speak about cryptocurrencies, which shows that there is interest in the Indian market in this field, but little opportunities to understand it better. They were also interested to know about the various applications of cryptocurrencies using blockchain tech, in the various businesses including the power sector. I helped them take a peek into how blockchain can help in the Loyalty programs, Supply Chain, and Power secto...more

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Cryptocurrency Wallets & Exchanges Workshop

Darren Nelsen Darren Nelsen
Posted at 8/1/2019

I'll be teaching a Cryptocurrency Wallets & Exchanges Workshop at Atlanta Tech Park on Sat, Aug 24 at 1:00 PM ET.

This is geared toward those who want to secure digital assets in their own wallets (software or hardware) and use exchanges based in or friendly to the United States.

Register here:

Limited seating and early bird pricing available through Aug. 15.


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How Can We Harmonize Adoption Worldwide?

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce
Posted at 7/3/2019

Fulfilling the social mandate of the Chamber to raise awareness, facilitate adoption and inspire advocacy for commerce, consumers and professionals building careers in blockchain has been a tall order!  That's why we are so happy to share the responsibility and reward of fulfilling this mandate with the community through the Blockchain ECOsystem platform!  Click HERE to watch a short video about how to best share the ECOsystem with your network to participate in the process and the product we are building together.  The rewards for you as the one sending the invitation and the benefits to those who you invite are unparalleled.  This is a "by invitation only" platform so the quality of the people and projects showcased here are a direct result of our choices in who we invite.  Choose wisely, my friends, and lets see who can be the first person to earn their $...more

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Blockchain Chamber of Commerce Launches Social Media Platform on the Stellar Blockchain

ECO Support ECO Support
Posted at 7/2/2019

The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce (BCC) launched the Blockchain ECOsystem (ECO) (, a social media and rewards platform on the Stellar Blockchain. The ECO will provide an interactive, knowledge-sharing, and promotional platform to showcase leading blockchain professionals and thought leaders from around the globe as well as BCC’s affiliated chapters worldwide.

Many experts believe that blockchain related technologies are still in their infancy yet forecasts suggest that blockchain technology revenue worldwide will experience rapid growth with a market expected to climb to over USD $23 billion by 2023.

“The focus of building out the Blockchain ECOsystem has been to maximize collaboration and exposure for the community developing blockchain technology AND to serve the community looking for trustworthy blockchain education, solutions, and partner...more

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