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Kenn Rivers

Co-Founder & CEO

R2Group & Associates LLC.

Tacoma, WA

CMO & Strategic Partner Development

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I am a Business Coach, Capture Manager, Mentor, Proposal Management and Marketing Consultant in the Government Sector with GovBusiness NW., in my spare time through my association with R2Group we help businesses with their Innovative Concepts using Blockchain Technology.

What I do, federal & state government agencies are looking at blockchain technology to solve data issues & security concerns. I help blockchain companies as a capture manager & proposal writing to help companies bid for those opportunities. 

My introduction in the crypto space was both curiosity and fear of missing out. I had both success and failure with real & not so real coins. So I began to educate myself in the crypto space with a good online educational platform which led me to a Crypto Mastermind Group. Let’s face it, in most cases it takes capital to get involved in Cryptocurrency. The Mastermind Group which has a “Brand Agnostic Mission” was to Create sustainable long-term wealth through the diversification of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Coins, Tokens and Mining products. We all want to grow and expand our lives in the best and most effective way possible.

My fascination with blockchain came with my association to the Seattle Blockchain group of programmers and the growth of blockchain in the government & military sector as well as the number of applications where blockchain technology can be applied beyond cryptocurrency.

Over the last few months I have been involved with Truffle and their advisor team… Truffle is a phenomenal platform to build blockchain projects. It removes the guess work and a great deal of development time with their unique platform. You have got to see this application for yourself to understand how easily it can be applied. 

I have an interest in helping others understand the cryptocurrency and blockchain environment with online training, I also have an interest in cryptocurrency backed by Gold and technology based cards to store & access crypto. 

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About Me:

My Personal Slogan- "S.I.M.O.O"





Advisory Board Member

Crypto Farm 7 Mining (Social Services)
January 2017 - present

As a board member of CryptoFarm 7, we were negotiating and connecting with various community service & support organizations as well as insurance companies attempting to support the opiate crisis through profits generated by a utility coin & other cryptocurrency. A portion of the profits would help cover insurance costs as well as treatment facilities and other associated counseling services.

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