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Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (BCC) is an international trade association supporting the emerging and evolving blockchain industry, distributed ledger technologies, and crypto currency market. BCC is a membership based organization comprising of professionals, individuals, corporations, vendors, partners, non-profits and government agencies. Come join us... Our goal is to promote commerce around blockchain technology and making it easy for everyone. Our core mission is "simplifying blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin for the masses. Whether you're brand new or seasoned as a blockchainer, this can be your home. It doesn't matter if your interest is to learn, network, hire developers, teach others, or sell your products and services to the community, there is a place for you to come and add value. We're part of a revolution that is transforming the world inside out. However, it is still the wild-wild west. There are lots of risks, pitfalls, and unknowns. It will be up to all of us to shape the future of this fast expanding industry. Come and create a community and the future that you want to see.


Linda Goetze Request a Call Ask a Question
President/CEO, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

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Tony Fedel Request a Call Ask a Question
Board Member, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

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Richard Brooks Unavailable
Chief Financial Officer, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

New Product Development Professional Project Management Professional

Abraham Xiong Unavailable
Board Chair, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

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MISSION: "Awareness - Adoption - Advocacy"

Our mission is to promote awareness, increase adoption, and facilitate advocacy in 3 core areas:

a) blockchain for commerce

b) blockchain for consumers

c) blockchain for careers


1) AWARENESS: Blockchain technology and crypto currencies are new and are cumbersome to understand. The mainstream community is entering into this market and needs to be aware of the risks, challenges, and rewards. (EDUCATION, EVENTS, COACHING, NEW CHAPTERS)

2) ADOPTION: Millions of individuals and new companies will join the blockchain ecosystem; new startups, new careers, or investors. Standards and best practices are needed. (CBCP-CERTIFICATION, CAREER TRAINING, AMBASSADOR PROGRAM, MBR TOKEN)

3) ADVOCACY: a) Blockchain industry needs a proper balance of regulations for technological advancements, prevention of market scams, and protecting individual and corporate privacy/rights. (SMART REGULATIONS, INDUSTRY ORGANIZATION, DECENTRALIZED SOLUTIONS) b) Blockchain technology leaves a heavy carbon footprint on the planet. (RESEARCH, GRANTS, NEW TECH, PARTNERSHIPS)

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Blockchain Chamber of Commerce
How Can We Harmonize Adoption Worldwide?

Fulfilling the social mandate of the Chamber to raise awareness, facilitate adoption and inspire advocacy for commerce, consumers and professionals building careers in blockchain has been a tall order!  That's why we are so happy to share the responsibility and reward of fulfilling this mandate with the community through the Blockchain ECOsystem platform!  Click HERE to watch a short video about how to best share the ECOsystem with your network to participate in the process and the product we are building together.  The rewards for you as the one sending the invitation and the benefits to those who you invite are unparalleled.  This is a "by invitation only" platform so the quality of the people and projects showcased here are a direct result of our choices in who we invite.  Choose wisely, my friends, and lets see who can be the first person to earn their $...more