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Blockchain Chamber of Commerce
Cointelligence: Due Diligence & the Future of Crypto

Cointelligence:  Due Diligence and the Future of Crypto

Blockchain became extremely popularized throughout cryptocurrency, booming throughout the popular conscience. However, this rapid growth led to a lot of misunderstandings about blockchain and cryptocurrencies as the media tried to quickly decipher its applications. Meanwhile, people with technical literacy came to learn more about the platforms, its variable uses of blockchain, and innovative and interesting ways for it to penetrate the marketspace. 

Cointelligence stepped in to help bridge the gap between technical experts and those who wished to get involved in the field. Cointelligence creates tools for individuals and organizations to better engage with the crypto industry. This includes the educational platform Cointelligence Academy, and unbiased market surveillance tools such as the Exchange Rating System. Cointelli...more