2720 Central Ave SE, Ste-G 104
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Pistis provides a blockchain platform with low barrier entrance. Everyone can register and the registered users, both individual and organizations, can easily design, test and issue certificates such as property deeds and learning credentials on blockchain. Pistis offers its users a free universal blockchain ID called Pistis ID or PID, free online certificate design and test services and free blockchain certificate verification service. Pistis also offers organization users free data integration/API as well as smart contract templates. Pistis will develop new blockchain use cases to help both Individual and organization users create and grow their own businesses on Pistis blockchain platform.


Pistis provides a low barrier blockchain platform by offering 5 services: Universal blockchain ID, which is called Pistis ID, or PID, Online designing and testing service for any blockchain certificate issuing; Low cost blockchain certificate issuing service; Free blockchain certificate verification service; Organization service to issue batches of blockchain certificates. In addition, Pistis provides the following services: Free API service to connect Pistis with any existing ERP database programs; Free smart contract templates hub so users can build their own smart contract for their businesses;

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