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Michael J. Darden Sr.

Coach. Owner of technology products and platforms. Inventor and patent owner.,,,

Suwanee, GA

Working smarter. Always looking for a better way. Rapid Observation, analysis, and course correction. Love to be part of the wave of growth.

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Hard working life learner, opportunistic coach and leader.



Founder - CEO

Block Knowhow, LLC.
April 2018 - present

Founder - CEO

DFM Data Corp Inc.
April 2019 - present

Founder - CEO

A Deeper View, LLC.
April 2007 - present


Dunwoody High School

High School
1985 - 1987

Pre-Architecture Engineering

Auburn University

1987 - 1990

Architecture / Engineering

Georgia State University

2012 - 2013

Lean Business Model Innovation

Value Exchange model






Value Exchange Model

Georgia State University

Business Model Innovation

Georgia State University


Dynamic and predictive information system and method for shipping assets and transport

July 2010

The dynamic, predictive information system and method assigns shipping assets (drivers-tractors-trailers) from carriers to transport orders by shippers. Computer databases hold shipping asset data. Specific transport orders are electronically joined to specific driver-tractor-trailer combinations. A search and sort routine produces resulting records based upon proximity, trailer type, proximity of the joined driver-trailer combination, carrier service region and pick-up and delivery date constraints. The sort is by price or performance indicators which are pre-selected shipper ranges matched to historical shipping data from carriers. The system books the carrier, the driver-tractor-trailer combination and the shipper to transport order with an electronic communications phase. In a truck lane scenario, the system joins a specific driver and a specific tractor and a non-specific trailer to a specific transport order. GPS data and electronic shipping document data from PDAs with the drivers is logged into the system and is viewable by the participants.


Conference Support - Consultant

Autism Society of America Georgia Chapter (Children)
March 2007 - August 2011

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