Sahil Sachdev



Tampa, FL

Serial Entrepreneur/Startup Junkie, Angel Investor, and Crypto Enthusiast

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Sahil Sachdev is a highly passionate entrepreneur and crypto-enthusiast whose strengths and experience lie in developing innovative products and solutions through the integration of technology. Sachdev has developed, pitched, cofounded and facilitated the growth of a number of projects/ventures ranging from e-commerce, insurance and e-sports. He is the founder of a blockchain based payment company called OM. Further, he has been using his experience, skills and knowhow of scaling companies to advise other founders/start ups.

Sachdev is active in organizing and connecting with the blockchain and fintech community in around Boston. He joined MIT as part of the Advance Study Fellowship Program with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. He has been deeply interested in the power of financial services in facilitating social entrepreneurship due to his experiences growing up in Mumbai, India. Sahil was educated at USC where he received his B.A. and more recently MIT.

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