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  • Lori Souza
    Lori Souza answered 7/23/2022

    I show there was a classand missed it ,a crypto for realtors class in prescott,az will there be additional classes

    Hello Ron, Thank you so much for your inquiry. I hope this email finds you well.  I do have additional Blockchain Fundamentals Classes and Real Estate Tokenization classes available. Which class are you interested in?

  • Linda Goetze
    Linda Goetze answered 5/31/2022

    Do you think regulators will put the kibosh on Facebook's Libra ambitions?

    Facebook's Libra is seen as a threat to the control that has been centralized in governments to this point.  Relinquishing that control - even to a consortia of wealthy companies rather than just Facebook - is not something that is going to happen without a fight.  As to how dirty that fig... more

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  • ECO Support
    ECO Support answered 5/31/2022

    I feel I have some good information to share. What is the best way to become an EcoSystem Contributor?

    There are many benefits to being a Contributor on the Blockchain ECOsystem and you can easily subscribe using this link:  Alternatively, sponsoring organizations can assign a number of employees or partners as Contributors. Thank you for your interest!&... more

  • ECO Support
    ECO Support answered 5/30/2022

    What is a "smart contract"?

    A smart contract is one that can be executed without human intervention and is based on a simple “if/when…then…” statement that is written into code on a blockchain. In other words, if certain conditions are met and verified, then a network of computers can execute the orders that were written in th... more

  • Darren Nelsen
    Darren Nelsen answered 12/13/2021

    Is there is a way to cancel or revert a Bitcoin transaction?

    Once a transaction has been included in a block, no, there's no way to revert it.

    If a transaction is sitting in the mempool, awaiting inclusion in a block, you can use Replace-By-Fee (RBF) to replace the transaction with a new one with a different fee. This is typically done when congestion is high... more

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  • Jacques Bikoundou
    Jacques Bikoundou answered 4/24/2021

    What is #DeFi and why is there so much attention on it these days?

    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) as the term sounds, is a type of financial innovation that makes traditional financial services - savings, loans, trading, investing, insurance and more - accessible to anyone worldwide. It was born out of the introduction of bitcoin in 2008 and many ensuing cryptocurren... more

  • Rayshoun Chambers
    Rayshoun Chambers answered 3/4/2021

    Is the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce global in reach?

    Yes we are! Thank you so much for the question. Currently outside of the United States, the Chamber has members and business partners in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bermuda, Dubai, Greece, India, Switzerland and Vietnam.  We continue to as an organization and enjoy the process of connecting s... more

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  • Shantanu Sharma
    Shantanu Sharma answered 2/15/2021

    Hi I am planning to set up a mining farm .Wanted to consult you regarding this.

    Request more information - Which type of mining farm are your planning to start?

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  • Abraham Xiong
    Abraham Xiong answered 2/11/2021

    Can you help? Teaming partner needed on a project:

    This is an opportunity to bid on a US government project.

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  • Shantanu Sharma
    Shantanu Sharma answered 2/5/2021

    What protocols are out there for #DeFi initiatives?

    I think the most decentralized of all DeFi Projects / Protocols are as follows: 

    1. Compound

    2. Uniswap

    3. Maker

    4. Aave

    5. Yearn Finance

    6. Curve

    7. Balancer


    Some of the upcoming protocols from India are: 

    - EasyFi

    - OpenDeFi

    ... more