Fabian Fridrich

CEO Blockchance / CEO BlockRock Ventures / Board of Directors at INATBA

Visionary and specialist in networks, marketing and public relation strategy. With his roots in the crypto and blockchain technology space. View (0) Answers

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Derrick DeCarlo

Business Development Leader


Business Development Leader with proven track record of success developing high performing sales teams. View (0) Answers

Abraham Xiong

Board Chair

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

Small business advocate, government contracts & blockchain ambassador, living my gift, helping others thrive in their journey. View (1) Answers

Mike Turner

Independent Supply Chain Business Owner/Consultant

Leadership 4.0, LLC

Forward looking supply chain strategist delivering value/leadership/change management across divergent industries and geographies. View (0) Answers

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Jay Derenthal
Jay Derenthal answered: August 18

What are the benefits of a security token offering (STO)?

Good question. The answer could fill a book, and probably will soon. Here is a rough outline of a few of the benefits of STOs for capital formation issuers, investment fund admins, and individual investors:

Security Token Offering Benefits for Issuers
•Cap table automation streaml...

Jacques Bikoundou
Jacques Bikoundou answered: August 5

How many blockchains are there?

In addition, the high number of blockchains each with its own varying features, protocols, and underlying infrastructures can adversely reaching the critical mass of users. As it gets complex, user interface can get perilous. 

Darren Nelsen
Darren Nelsen answered: August 4

Is there is a way to cancel or revert a Bitcoin transaction?

Once a transaction has been included in a block, no, there's no way to revert it.

If a transaction is sitting in the mempool, awaiting inclusion in a block, you can use Replace-By-Fee (RBF) to replace the transaction with a new one with a different fee. This is typically done whe...

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