Kenn Rivers

Co-Founder & CEO

R2Group & Associates LLC.

CMO & Strategic Partner Development

Tags: Blockchain Government Contracts, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain projects...

David Griffin


Griffin Dynamic Marketing

Technology marketing and sales, Block Chain, ERP, boutique and special purpose software

Tags: demand generation, new business development, Lead generation, marketing sales...

Michael J. Darden Sr.

Coach. Owner of technology products and platforms. Inventor and patent owner.,,

Working smarter. Always looking for a better way. Rapid Observation, analysis, and course correction. Love to be part of the wave of growth.

Tags: hyperledger, DTT, SaaS, Lean, Intellectual Property, Logistics, Supply Chain...

Richard Duncan

Random guy


Technologist with on a broad range of skills used in today's technological landscape relating data, cloud computing, science, and security.

Tags: science, data, cloud, security, blockchain, cryptocurrency

Jack Berube



Real Estate Operations and Technology Executive. Currently building a Blockchain driven marketplace for real estate.

Stuart Wilson


Blockchain Advisory UK

We help people plan & execute Blockchain projects within shorter timescales with a focus on successful MVP/Prototype completion.

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Coin Gallant

Cleveland, OH
Ken Melendez

Coin Gallant is an entrepreneurial cryptocurrency brand created by investor, author, and speaker, Ken Melendez, with a mission to help set people free from financial bondage using the power of ... more>

Real-Time Data Analysis of Respondents responses, graphed below under images. This public blockchain is made with Hyperledger Fabric.

BCC - Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC
Rayshoun Chambers

The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce is here to help create AWARENESS, facilitate ADOPTION, and promote ADVOCACY for COMMERCE, CONSUMERS, and CAREERS in the emerging blockchain sphere.


San Francisco, US
BitPay, Inc. was founded in 2011, while Bitcoin was still in its infancy. We saw the potential for bitcoin to revolutionize the financial industry, making payments faster, more secure, and ... more>
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Linda Goetze answered: 10/6/2019 5:50:13 AM

How do you select which 10 Digital Asset Exchanges get included in the CREBACO 50 Report?

As people will be looking at the CREBACO report as a resource to know which exchanges are high quality and safe and which are not, there is a big responsibility in this choice.  To be globally relevant, the list needs to include the exchanges that have ease of access for cit...

Linda Goetze answered: 9/25/2019 11:01:37 AM

Can the blockchain make the supply chain more transparent for consumers?

"The blockchain" won't make "the supply chain more transparent for consumers" but there are blockchains that can be structured in such a way that the public can access supply chain information in a permissioned manner. The organizations building out the individual blockchain netw...

Matthew Bennett answered: 9/3/2019 10:55:20 PM

Hi All, I am looking to put together a Block chain project in the agriculture sector for Australasia I would love to talk to people in this sector who might be interested in setting up a collaborative like this to work on the idea and bring it to life. We also have a...

Hi David 

Thankyou for your reply, we are looking at the smart contracting and traceability from paddock to plate essentially and allowing for people to see where their food is coming from along with maintaining the quality of food.

This proposition has come to pass fro...