Richard Brooks

Chief Financial Officer

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

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Shantanu Sharma

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Consultant


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Brandon Elliott

CEO & Chief Visionary

Javvy Technologies, Ltd.

A serial entrepreneur at heart, with a rare talent for solving the toughest problems that many other "experts" claim are "impossible." View (0) Answers

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Bryan Allworthy

Senior Consultant


Forward looking macro strategist specialising in the disruptive nature of divergent trends, manager of crypto assets and consultant to SMEs. View (0) Answers

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Voices of the Community

ThreeFold Network answered: April 8

How is a "green and responsible peer-to-peer Internet" different than the internet of today?

Good question! Today's Internet faces/presents many challenges. We focus on three key aspects – equality / access, (digital) freedom, & sustainability. I'll touch on them below.


About half of the world’s population remains unconnected to the Internet, creating huge inequalities in access to information and knowledge. Additionally, the Internet is becoming fragmented, as governments around the globe are restricting access within their countries, or creating their own Internets in an effort to control and compartmentalize.

The ThreeFold Network offers a solution to these challenges. By deploying a distributed grid of nodes, remote regions can now be reached in a natural progression. Being decentralized by nature and leveraging self-healing technologies, the ThreeFold Grid cannot be restricted or sectioned off. This leads to a substantial increase in efficiency, access, and affordability. The ThreeFold Network will also sponsor the deployment of capacity to remote regions through it’s conscious capacity initiative.

Digital Freedom

Our digital lives are currently scattered across plenty of applications and profiles. The data industry makes most of its money from free applications that collect people’s data and turn users into products.

ThreeFold is creating a peer-to-peer solution that enables every individual to have full ownership of their data.  For a cost of $1 per month, users can have full control of where to store their data and with whom to share. This is achieved through 3Bot, a use case application hosted on the ThreeFold Grid, a digital twin that aggregates 80% of our digital needs into one single account. Users can easily grant and revoke access to their data to 3rd parties.


Today's Internet is built on centralized and power-hungry data centers. With the imminent boom of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and 5G, the Internet’s energy consumption is expected to increase exponentially - from 5% to 20% of global energy consumption.

The ThreeFold Network is the first true peer-to-peer Internet. It uses pioneering technologies that remove the need for centralized and power-hungry data centers, consumes 90% less energy, and uses 90% less international fiber network capacity.

Brian Christie
Brian Christie published: March 11

Linda Goetze Proposed open letter to the President of the United States: OPEN for Community Comment

Cross-posting this draft letter by Linda Goetze to the ECO Town Hall for further comments / discussion. 

Proposed open letter to the President of the United States: OPEN for Community Comment

htt ...more

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The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce is here to help create AWARENESS, facilitate ADOPTION, and promote ADVOCACY for COMMERCE, CONSUMERS, and CAREERS in the emerging blockchain sphere.

Autonomous IT drives the ThreeFold Network. It is reliable, secure, decentralized (scalable), sustainable, and versatile, enabling the handling of any IT workload. It is self-driving, self-healing, and requires minimal human ... more>