Matthew Bennett

Research and Development Designer, Advisor & Solution Architect


Brainovationist - Making the impossible - possible for employers and clients alike. Specialist in quantum digital numeric algorithm crypto. View (2) Answers

Jay Derenthal


Security Token Offering strategy, logistics, law. Asset tokenization. Blockchain securities compliance, governance, custody, liquidity. View (1) Answers

Michael J. Darden Sr.

Coach. Owner of technology products and platforms. Inventor and patent owner.,,

Working smarter. Always looking for a better way. Rapid Observation, analysis, and course correction. Love to be part of the wave of growth. View (0) Answers

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Abraham Xiong

Board Chair

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

Small business advocate, government contracts & blockchain ambassador, living my gift, helping others thrive in their journey. View (1) Answers

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Blockchain Chamber of Commerce answered: January 22

how can I join the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce?


Feel free to go to and choose your membership level there.  Also, feel free to reach out to Rayshoun Chambers as well at  

Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma answered: 11/29/2020

Looking to form a partnership for new blockchain development endeavour (banking & technology)

I could connect you with some who have experience in developing blockchain applications, and they are all start-ups! But the founders are very grounded in this tech and can do a good job!! ...
Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma answered: 11/29/2020

Where can I get well qualified and highly experienced software engineers who can design an Enterprise Blockchain Platform (Hyper ledger Fabric)? I am setting up a blockchain powered platform and need to present a quote to my backers. I also need to have the technical profiles...

Are you open to remote working engineers? In which case I would advise on reaching out to Indian software Engineers. India now probably has the largest base of Blockchain developers currently. Many of them are working on private blockchains using Hyperledger Fabric and other ente...

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Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (BCC) is an international trade association supporting the emerging and evolving blockchain industry, distributed ledger technologies, and crypto currency market. BCC is a membership based ... more>

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Ken Melendez

Freelance writing solutions for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

2720 Central Ave SE, Ste-G 104 Albuquerque, NM 87106

Pistis provides a blockchain platform with low barrier entrance. Everyone can register and the registered users, both individual and organizations, can easily design, test and issue certificates such as property ... more>

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Brainsy offers patented Software as a Service (SaaS) to power knowledge sharing networks and customized social media platforms for brands, B2B companies, franchisors, trade associations, professional societies and other membership ... more>