Katherine Kuzmeskas, MPH


SimplyVital Health

SimplyVital Health is building the blockchain infrastructure that is safely adoptable by healthcare. View (0) Answers

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Derrick DeCarlo

Business Development Leader


Business Development Leader with proven track record of success developing high performing sales teams. View (0) Answers

Michael J. Darden Sr.

Coach. Owner of technology products and platforms. Inventor and patent owner.

BlockKnowhow.com, dfmdata.com, adeeperview.com

Working smarter. Always looking for a better way. Rapid Observation, analysis, and course correction. Love to be part of the wave of growth. View (0) Answers

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Noel Martin

Chapter President, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce Manila

Blockchain Travel Blog

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Voices of the Community

Jacques Bikoundou
Jacques Bikoundou answered: July 11

"Digital dollars" have existed on balance sheets for years (although I think technically they are supposed to be backed by a physical representation)... What makes the current push for "digital dollars" and entities like Visa patenting the concept of concern to so many? I know...

My 2 cents about the push for digital dollars is that the current crisis has taught us how our paper money is a source of confusion and strain because it is analog. Take for example the recent stimulus money and how difficult it was to reach people on time not to mention some mon...

Jacques Bikoundou
Jacques Bikoundou answered: July 11

Which health sector blockchain technologies could be helpful combating the coronavirus?

I believe to combat pandemics like the covid-19, the healthcare sector that would benefit from blockchain is patient identity. With identity established, there will be more transparency in matching patients and their records, leading to better interoperability with other datbases...

What is the chamber's vision as it relates the rollout of chapters globally?  

Thank you for your question.  The Blockchain Chamber looks to continue to engage interested members worldwide who are interested in starting their own chapter.  Headquarters will announce a global rollout plan as soon as possible.

Brainsy Support
Brainsy Support published: June 18


Leaders no longer consider blockchain technology groundbreaking and merely promising. Deloitte’s 2020 Global Blockchain Survey polled a sample of nearly 1,500 senior executives and suggests that initi ...more

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