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Abraham Xiong

Board Chair

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

Atlanta, GA

Small business advocate, government contracts & blockchain ambassador, living my gift, helping others thrive in their journey.

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I welcome the opportunity to connect and link with you.

Each one of us is born with a gift. We have an inner talent that comes instinctively. Our place in life is to discover our gift and contribute to the greater whole of humanity. Our purpose in life is to use our gift to make a difference.

My gift is "entrepreneurship." I eat, breathe, sleep and think business. There is an entrepreneurial spirit within me that is insatiable. I love business principles and strategies. The boardroom is my playground. My passion for business drives me. It motivates me and fuels me to be the best in this game of life.

I really enjoy working with business professionals to facilitate growth opportunities together, especially in the government and blockchain sector.

I would love to collaborate with you as we find ways to build synergy in our corporate journeys. Regardless of what industry you're in, there's probably a way for us to work together. Let's start by connecting and getting to know each other.

Who knows, maybe as we link together, we may even laugh together, cry together and become lifelong friends on this road called life?

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  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Honored by President Obama for advocacy work in supporting the small business community. As the Founder and President of Government Contractors Association, this organization has helped businesses win more than $900 million in government contracts.
  • Global Humanitarian Award: Honoring Champions of Community Service & Humanitarianism
  • Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award - Goodwill Ambassador: May this Outstanding Citizen be afforded every courtesy as a Goodwill Ambassador from Georgia in his travels to other states, to nations beyond the borders of the United States of America, or wherever he may hereafter travel or reside. Thank you for your service to the State of Georgia.

- Blockchain technology
- Government contracting
- Opportunity zone project/fund
- Crypto-mining
- Renewable energy
- Social Entrepreneur
- Business intelligence
- Capture Management
- Business development
- Business trainer
- Business coaching
- Government contract coaching
- Government certifications (8a, HUBzone, SDVOSB, WOSB, etc)
- Teaming & prime contracting
- Business consulting
- Marketing & advertising strategies
- Business planning
- Government procurement
- Association development & management
- Public speaking
- For Benefit (B-Corporation)

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