I always knew something was up... The rules just never seemed to make sense to me and i've always tried to bend and break them wherever i could. Conversations with my brother around the theme, "We ain't supposed to live like this..." have become too commonplace in the recent years. We're frustrated with our condition and it's fueled by the ever-growing access to information about what truths have been neatly tucked away from us by evil, opportunistic capitalists... These disgusting swine-like sub-humans have worked tirelessly to stave off the inevitable flow of information and technology to the people. And I must add that they've been increasingly creative in their adaptations to social change; but evolution has its limits. A creature can only adapt so much before it has to accept that it no longer fits in the world it's trying to adapt to. I'll save my dollars for special art projects, like a paper mache sculpture of a bald eagle; to encapsulate the archaic and deceased systems we used to know and love.  

We are watching the changing of regimes. The shifting of the paradigm. Old World systems are collapsing. The great experiment known as the United States of America has failed. if you know your REAL American history, you know that the society we're living in is a far cry from the one envisioned and outlined in those early colonial documents. WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to OWN this land. That means NO PROPERTY TAX. The constitution declares that the state holds the land as a TRUSTEE to the people. The state is holding the land for YOU!! if anything, they supposed to be paying YOU taxes!! The "leaders" who swore to uphold this constitution have conspired against you to swindle you out of your birthright. They're controlling and holding us to a psuedosystem built on top of the one that they're living in. They don't play be the same rules that force us to abide by. Now all that is changing.

Decentralized network building starts with education. People have to be taught how to navigate and use blockchain technologies. People have to be shown the solutions that blockchain offers. The revolution will not be televised because people will be on their devices.The learning curve for smart phones was a 20 year journey; same thing for the internet, and the same will be true for blockchain. Some of my favorite solutions that blockchain offers are:

1. Proof of Data Ownership - right now, when you put something online, it can be downloaded, copied, and reuploaded a million times without anyone ever receiving proper credit for the original file. With an immutable, decentralized ledger of transactions, a blockchain, ownership of that original file can be verified and you can claim the royalties from your data. This works for anything needing proof of ownership; from music, video and other digital content to physical items such as vehicles, food, and real estate.

2. Political Governance - right now, your vote doesn't count, plain and simple; the electoral college ensures that. But with blockchain, not only will your vote be counted, verified and unaltered in any way, but you'll be able to cast your vote for any candidate or ballot issue via your smart phone or other device. Beyond that, smart contracts which can be used in the execution of a real estate purchase for instance, can be used to completely replace the bureaucratic zombies of a central government. Smart contracts are coded to execute once all conditions are met in the contract. For example, a smart contract can be set to release certain funds once there is a majority vote on the distribution of those funds.

3. Decentralized Money System - right now, if you don't have a bank account, it's difficult to conduct several transactions. Even participating on many crypto exchanges requires you to link a bank account. Once the banking system takes a backseat and blockchain takes center stage, a decentralized money system will empower small and disenfranchised communities around the world to build and sustain their own wealth and economic independence. Autonomous communities in Spain and Italy have shown the resilient success of issuing their own currencies and a more localized economic system is already starting to unfold. When a currency has to be changed to be spent in your town, that money will circulate in your town for much longer than it would otherwise.

Don't be lost in the sauce when this swift shift hits. Say that five times fast. Right now, the SEC, FINCEN, and others are still trying to decide their jurisdictions on cryptocurrencies. I say let's overwhelm them with our blatant disregard for their archaic rules and we blaze this trail on ahead without them. Just like foolish legislation was revoked to remove the incumbrance of innovation surrounding the automobile, asinine regulations will wither and make way for the blockchain revolution. Be ye prepared.

Remember, you don't OWN anything in this country. And U-boy, you right; we ain't supposed to live like this. waking up, daily, to work ourselves to death for somebody else's profit, while we apologize for taking our scraps. It's stupid and I refuse to die without changing it. Furthermore...    

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Manny Amadeo Manny Amadeo 3/25/2020

Thanks Adam. I was curious about Proof of Data Ownership. I understand how it works once something is on the blockchain and that item goes down stream. But how does any blockchain based system ensure the integrity of the original claim? In other words, if your paper mache sculpture of the bald eagle was submitted to a blockchain based system, who "certifies" the art is truly yours / created by you? 


Adam Inyang Adam Inyang 3/25/2020

hmm..... i don't have an answer to that. There doesn't seem to yet be a system that replaces human integrity.