Anonymous asked Block Knowhow , 10/31/2019 ( 1 comment )

Would you recommend Hyperledger Fabric to other companies considering using it?

Block Knowhow replied:

In 'Some' cases Hyperledger Fabric is the best choice.

Any Platforms' features and design is important to align with the use-case you are looking to fill. 

The use-case should use evaluated with subject matter experts to verify the Need and understand the opportunity.

The need must justify the effort and then, a 'proof of concept' (POC) is typically required.

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is where choices of hosting, platform and delivery should be finalized.

There are several new tools that enable the prototyping and rapid 'no-code' development platforms, that can help.  Betty Blocks and DAML are examples.

I would start with a use-case and define it well, with flow charts and process flows or each participant. 

Then consult with a few experts who can look at your 'plan' and 'need' and help you decide on a platform based on its capabilities and design attributes that align with the need of the project.