We are So Connected! And Thoughts on the Current State of the Global Economy and Life....

Linda Goetze Linda Goetze
Posted at 6/5/2020

Sometimes it is easy to be overwhelmed by what's going on in the world (and your own little piece of it) - the looming bond bubble (September or October 2020 bust?), the scammers that are still getting away with defrauding innocent/ignorant people (See On Yavin break it down with the Chamber on the second Thursday of June, 2020 - tickets on Eventbrite and findable on YouTube soon too), the HUGE initiatives that are in the works to positively impact billions with digital agentcy and affordable distributed data processing and storage(Three Fold), the children who've died because sanctions made medicine too expensive, the islands still recovering from hurricane damage and bracing for more extreme weather (global warming or....??), the plastics polluting our oceans, the wild fires, speaking of fires and looting...I still can't shake the knowing that WE ARE SO CONNECTED!, the pain of parents,...more

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